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About the Franchise Association

Franchise Association (Marking) with registration number 51698, with the subject of development infrastructure to develop and promote knowledge-based Iranian franchises, move in the direction of macroeconomic policies of resistance economy, effective reduction of smuggling, development of non-oil exports and effective and sustainable employment with The national area has been established with the permission of the Ministry of Interior.

 Among the goals of the : association can be mentioned the following

 1.Culturalization in the field of franchise
 2.Promoting an entrepreneurial culture
3. Economic development of the country with the benefit of people’s capital
4. Development of sustainable employmen

Your Frequently Asked Questions..

Franchising can be a way of distributing products or services. At least two classes of people are involved in a franchising system:

1) The marker, which creates the trademark or brand and a trading system.

2) Indicative, that the franchisee and often pays the initial fee for the right to trade with the name and system of the franchise. Technically, the contract is binding on both parties to the franchise. But the term often means the actual business in which the franchisee operates. more information..

Many people focus on the law when they think of a franchise. While the law is certainly important, it is not the main issue in understanding the franchise. At its core, the franchise is about the brand value of the brand, how the brand supports the brand, how the brand fulfills its obligations to deliver products and services to system brand standards, and most importantly – the franchise about the relationship between the brand. It’s privileged with the owners.

A brand is a marker of its most valuable asset, and consumers decide which job to buy based on what they know or think they know about the brand, and to refer to that job once in a while. As long as consumers’ expectations of the brand are met, they really do not care who owns the brand. more information..

Major brand sponsors offer systems, tools, and support so that their branders can meet system brand standards and ensure customer satisfaction. And, markers and other markers expect you to independently manage the day-to-day operations of your businesses to enhance the company’s reputation in your market area. more information…

While franchises look like any other brand of business chain to people, they are very different. In a franchise system, the brand owner does not manage the places that offer their daily services and products to consumers. Consumer service has a significant role and responsibility. more information..

Branding: This type of branding not only includes a product, service, or brand, but also includes a complete way of doing business, such as a business plan and operations manuals.more information..

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