Iran Franchise Association



Major brand sponsors provide systems, tools, and support so that their markers can meet system brand standards and ensure customer satisfaction, and markers and other markers expect you to independently run your day-to-day business Manage to increase the company’s reputation in your market area.

When choosing a franchise system for investing, you want to evaluate the types of support you receive and how well your products and services are evolving to meet changing consumer expectations. Some of the common services that markers provide to markers are:

• A well-known brand,
• Locating and helping to develop the site,
• Training for you and your management team,
• Research and development of new products and services,
• Staff and field support,
• Initial and ongoing marketing and advertising.
You want to choose a brand that performs system standards normally and effectively.

This is important to you because the implementation of brand standards by the brand means protecting the brand against possible inappropriate actions of other brands that share the brand with them.

Because customers see franchise systems as an operational brand chain, the excellent products and services provided by one brand are in the best interest of the entire system. The opposite is also true.