Iran Franchise Association



Franchise Association (Marking) with registration number 51698, with the subject of development infrastructure to develop and promote knowledge-based Iranian franchises, move in the direction of macroeconomic policies of the resistance economy, effective reduction of smuggling, development of non-oil exports and effective and sustainable employment with The national area has been established with the permission of the Ministry of Interior.

Among the goals of the association can be mentioned the following:

1. Culturalization in the field of franchise
2. Promoting an entrepreneurial culture
3. Economic development of the country with the benefit of people’s capital
4. Development of sustainable employment
5. Prevent the influx of stray liquidity into unproductive markets

6. Use of Iranian goods and services
7. Supporting national production
8. Meeting the needs of society and increasing public welfare
9. Effective reduction of smuggling
10. Promote the community’s understanding of the importance of franchising in strengthening the economic and social strength of the country
11. Awareness and information in the field of relevant laws and regulations
12. Create synergies to eliminate intermediaries and ultimately increase consumer purchasing power
13. Transfer of up-to-date global experiences in constructive interaction with franchise international organizations and institutions
14. Supporting the presence of Iranian winners abroad