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Branding: This type of branding includes not only a product, service, or brand, but also a complete way of doing business, such as a business plan and operations manuals.

Disclosure Statement: A disclosure document, also known as an FDD or mark-up disclosure document, provides information about the mark-up and mark-up system.

FDD: FDD is a template for the disclosure document that provides information about the mark-up and mark-up system.

Marking: A license that describes the relationship between the marker and the marker, including trademark use, royalties, support and control.

Awarding Memorandum of Understanding: A legal, written agreement between a signatory and a marker that tells each party what to do.

• Markable: The person or company that enjoys the Separ mark for the business under the Separ mark or brand.

• Branding: A method of business development that includes trademark licensing, royalties, and significant assistance and / or control.

• Marker: A person or company that allows the host to operate under the trademark or brand.

• Distributable Product Distribution: Branding in which the brand simply sells the branded products without using the branding business method.

Loyalty: Regular payment by a marker to a marker is usually based on a percentage of the marker’s gross sales.

• Trademark: Trademarks, trademarks and logos representing the marker licensed to the marker.